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Congratulations!   You are looking at this page which means that you are considering using radio to promote your business.    At one time or another you may have been approached by radio station sales people who tell you that they have the best deal on advertising.    But how many people listen to their station or stations?    A company called Nielsen takes a lot of the guess work out of that question.    Nielsen does annual radio listening surveys for every county in the nation including Cochise County.    Nielsen gave us permission to use their numbers so here is a list of stations arranged by how many listeners each one has.    We wrote the description of each station.


Rank Name Location Listeners in Average Quarter Hour Description
1) KKYZ Sierra Vista 800 KKYZ is an FM on 101.7. They play 1960s and 1970s pop music.
2) KNST Tucson 700 This is a conservative talk station on 790 AM. At night they don't reach Cochise County. Few Cochise County businesses could afford Tucson rates.
3) CAVE Benson  600 This is us. Our studio is in Benson but we reach Sierra Vista and many other communities.
4) KDAP Douglas 500 This is a country music FM in Douglas. They reach only the southern part of Cochise County
5) KZMK Sierra Vista 500 They program pop geared for teens and young adults.  Also known as K-101.   Owned by Cherry Creek Radio of Denver.
6) XHNNO Auga Prieta 400  They are popular in Douglas. They play some American pop music.
7) KCDQ Douglas  300 They play pop music and have listeners mostly in and around Douglas. On 95.3 FM
8) KWCD Bisbee 300 On 92.3. Current country hits. Owned by Cherry Creek and promoted as Sierra Vista.
9) KHYT Tucson 300 This is a classic rock station on 107.5.  Very few Cochise County businesses would  be able to afford their rates.
10) KRQQ Tucson  200 On 93.7.    Station plays mostly hip hop and rap. Again, not affordable to businesses in Cochise County
14) KTAN Sierra Vista 100 On 1420 A.M.   Station plays old country music. Owned by Cherry Creek Radio based in Denver.

More comments:     Now you see the actual numbers that advertising agencies use when making buys.    It's important to understand that the stations with the best sales people may not be the stations with the largest audiences.

According to Nielsen, over the past couple of years,  all three Cherry  Creek stations have taken serious dives in the ratings, mostly due to dreadful programming decisions.    For example, KTAN's ratings went way down when they dropped conservative talk for country gold. That's why KNST in Tucson skyrocketed to number 2. What you really should do is compare a  station's audience size with its advertising rates. By that standard, CAVE is number 1 by a huge margin.

Another suggestion:   Don't get hung up on Benson. Just because our studio is in Benson doesn't mean that Benson is all we cover.   Radio signals pay no attention to city limits signs. We reach a good chunk of Cochise County and even nearby Pima County.  And that includes about 50 miles of Interstate 10. Like having billboards on the Interstate at no extra charge. See our coverage map elsewhere on this site.

Want to learn more about CAVE-FM?   Send us an email or call us at 586-9797.   You won't be under any pressure to buy anything.

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