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First a message from CAVEMANager Paul Lotsof:    Below you see many suggestions on how CAVE FM might improve its service to its many listeners.   Some of these ideas are well thought out and have merit.   Most of them have one thing in common: They require either a lot of someone’s time or a good chunk of cash in order to implement.  Not too many people are willing to work for free so when you talk about time and effort you are also talking money. There is only one way for a radio station to spend money and that is to first  sell advertising.   Problem is that the owners of nearly all the businesses in our coverage area are unwilling to buy our advertising even when our rates are dirt cheap.    A good salesperson would be the answer to our dreams but they are nearly impossible to find.   It’s hard to improve service with hardly any revenues.

Some of you are complaining that our signal is weak and noisy in some areas.   No radio station covers all of Planet Earth and if you go far enough from our transmitting facility the signal will get weak.    But there is a solution and it is our internet stream which you can listen to all over the nation and in some foreign countries as well.   Should be loud and clear just about anywhere.
Use your computer or smart phone instead of a radio.

I plan to continue to cover and criticize the Benson city officials as long as I continue to be in charge of CAVE-FM.
 I’d like to thank all of you for your thoughts.  Now that I’ve had my say here are your comments with the most recent ones coming first:

Get Joaquin a better informant. He is always misinformed when it comes to his sports look at sports.

How about a little country rap ala C. J. McCall, Walter Brennen, Lorne Greene?

Play newer songs more often your station is great just play less really old songs keep it country though.

Please provide encouragement, perhaps through Cochise County Health Department updates, for individuals to stop politicizing this Covid-19 pandemic and get themselves vaccinated, so we can stay safe and protect one another. Thanks Youkeep doing what you do but a little more old country music.

By not changing anything. Keep what you are doing.

I listen to the cave exclusively (except from Thanksgiving to Christmas then 94.5) and I'm getting really tired of about 50 of the "same old 2000 songs"! Make some new tapes. Did you know that Tom T Hall, Roger Miller, Charlie Rich & others had more than TWO songs?!

Get rid of the music that was popular to people who are no longer alive.

Get rid of your hourly propaganda that poses as news. Those liars discredit your station's integrity.

Get a Signal in Tucson

Never go off the air! I just moved from Marana.

PLAY some Folk Rock Music like Desert Rose Band, Bluegrass, Byrds, Dan Fogelberg,,Linda Ronsadt, JD Souther, Jackson Brown.

I think it’s pretty darn good now. I really enjoy Joaquin’s morning show. “Rocky” as I like to call him!!

Less sports, better advertisements (cut the corny stuff out!), more 60's music
more editorials ,revealing the corruption.

Joaquin needs to talk better about the high school and their teams. All he does is trash the coaches but I don't see him volunteering down there to help out. He should be speaking words of encouragement to help bring them up.

It's a great station and I love it except I turn the volume down when the news comes on. It's fake news and lacks credibility. Your station would be better off without it.

Play fewer old songs and less commercials please.
Please play more older music, Faron Young, Johnny Rodriguez, Charlie Pride, Mel Tillis, Mark Wills, Mark Chestnut,, soooo tired of some of these new (not so country songs)

Most of the commercials are silly and sound stupid.

Stop including new music that is non-country corporate newspeak trash.

I like your radio station. Sometimes listening on a regular radio (car or in house) there is a lot of noises in the background. Sometimes these noises sound rather disgusting. This never happens when I listen on my computer.

 If I can make a comment about the Vigneto Project. Jobs and businesses will bring a need for new housing. Housing will not bring new business and jobs to the area. The only jobs they will bring is temporary jobs in construction. Maybe our elected officials should reconsider their stance on the Vigneto Project.

. One question, why is Scott's picture on your web-site cock-eyed? Is Scott a cock-eyed person or does he just work for a cock-eyed radio station?

Cut out Harrows sports talks. He is a critic but not an authority on anything, least of all the sports arena. Biased and unfounded mumblings and predictions from a self proclaimed authority really miss the point on the college and the professional sports stage.

Democrats are not the enemy. Tell the truth. Trump lost and the election was not stolen. The GOP is not the party it once was. Tell your listeners the truth.

Everything is great except your news feed. USA Radio is bad, the sound is bad and can't you cover up commercials for Wayne Root with something local? He's a con artist and a swindler.

The congress and senate are incensed about the "capitol riot" infringing on their sacred ground, but don't seem to give a rip about people who violate our federal laws and border security.....send all these trespassers to Delaware and D.C. and drop them off at Bidens house .

I heard an editorial you aired AGAINST the Villages at Vigneto and I almost fell over because I wrongly assumed you'd be for it, that you were a conservative right-wing station. I was elated to hear everything you said. Your advocacy for the San Pedro River is MUCH appreciated!
an it is.
take some requests
 Kenny Chesney is way overplayed over and over and over. enough already. hate your Fox fascist news
It is a wonderful station. We are from Minnesota and have yet to find a radio station in the US that plays such good music as 97.7. Great mix of music. We will listen when we get back to MN, as well. Thanks.

Stop playing crap like Rascal Flatts and Dan and Shay.
 Stop asking why no one wants your Bumper Stickers...LOOK at them...they are UGLY.

I think y'all are great! I just wish you would change up the play list a bit....
whichever listener said that Dolly Parton squeaks, should be brought in, shaved bald and their hair should go to one of Dolly's wigs.


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