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First a message from CAVEMANager Paul Lotsof:    Below you see many suggestions on how CAVE FM might improve its service to its many listeners.   Some of these ideas are well thought out and have merit.   Most of them have one thing in common: They require either a lot of someoneís time or a good chunk of cash in order to implement.  Not too many people are willing to work for free so when you talk about time and effort you are also talking money. There is only one way for a radio station to spend money and that is to first  sell advertising.   Problem is that the owners of nearly all the businesses in our coverage area are unwilling to buy our advertising even when our rates are dirt cheap.    A good salesperson would be the answer to our dreams but they are nearly impossible to find.   Itís hard to improve service with hardly any revenues.

Other listeners have asked us to resume our internet stream and I'm happy to say that we have done that.   Complying with all the copyright requirements has been a bear, not so much because it is expensive but because the company that handles the royalties is very hard to deal with.   Congress foolishly gave them a monopoly and  they have no incentive to be reasonable.

One listener has an interesting comment about my coverage of the Benson City Council meetings.   He says that I have junky recording equipment.   The real junky equipment is the public address system at City Hall.   The audio quality is terrible and they turn it up loud.   The only way to get around that is to stick my microphone up to  the face of each person speaking.   The mayor won't allow that so I have to make my recordings off the speakers mounted on the walls.    Garbage in, garbage out.    I wish I could do something about this.    Be that as it may, the Benson newspaper no longer covers most council meetings so CAVE-FM is the public's only source of city council news.   We're happy to do what the newspaper won't do.

 Iíd like to thank all of you for your thoughts.  Now that Iíve had my say here are your comments with the most recent ones coming first:

PLEASE play more western underground like Chris Ledoux and Ned LeDoux. Also please find time somewhere to talk about random historical facts of Arizona (locAL areas), up and coming "cowboy" and equine events. Even possibly broadcast from some such as Rex Allen Days or Benson Butterfield.

 I like the music you play. I don't really care for the editorials. Your D.J.s are fair. Overall you have a great station, keep up the good work.

 Play some Australian country music occasionally. I'm sure your listeners would enjoy it as much as we Australians enjoy listening to American country music.

 The format with both modern and classic country music is fantastic. I listen online from Montana. Brings back great memories of hunting and camping in the TA Wash with my friends from Benson.

The format is perfect. Don't change a thing. The live on-air personalities give the station some life, unlike other automated stations, or a DJ sitting in Dallas or Chicago. Your station generates good feelings of small town nostalgia, and it reduces my stress level at work when it is playing in the background.

 Hmmm.... not sure. but i do have a comment: last week? I was listening just before 0500, when an odd bit of audio came across. It was a commercial for businesses in juneau alaska. no fooling.

 Your station is pretty good if you are a fan of country. I think you should play a variety of music to include rock, jazz, R&B, local and off beat talk shows, etc. Stay with country during the day and have shows with the other formats late at night or on weekends. I think a show about the evils of communism would be very important to have on the air. The God-less communists are still a very real threat to the USA ! ! ! Like they use to say "better dead than red" ! ! ! I think the communists are behind the Vigneto project. They are going to milk all the money they can from the City of Benson then walk away leaving a partially build mess behind that will harm the environment.

 I really like the music you play, I wish your cavemen would act a little more like professional on-air talent. But Cochise County is still a little (sometimes a lot) behind the times, so I guess that's the best you can find. I don't mean to come down on them too hard. They are much better then pre-canned computer automated music. I do have one suggestion. If you could create a page on your website where we can list the songs and artists we want to hear played, that would be really great. I think you would get even more listeners because everyone would be hearing the songs they want. I don't listen to KWCD or KTAN because they don't play what I really like. I think a lot of other people feel the same way. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my ideas.  

You need to let Debby on more. and what happened to Shotgun Sherry. we really did like her,, they seem to play more of the older songs.

 Play more new country

 I really love country music both old and new, but I mostly the older music. I only listen to CAVE-FM and Sirius Satellite. All the other stations and just poor copies of CAVE and Sirius. Now that you are back streaming on the internet I can listen when I'm out of state. Which sometimes is 3 or 4 times a month.  People who really understand and love country music will flip head over heals for the CAVE.

 keep playing the real country music NOT the pop country!

 Love your station, the other country stations in the area are marginal at best. To make your station better please expand the list of songs you play, especially the older classic songs and performers.

 I usually listen late at night and was wondering if you could broadcast unconventional and paranormal programs in the wee hours of the morning. There are a lot of people who believe that we are being watched by aliens from other planets. The whole community needs to be aware of this situation. If you broadcast these types of programs in the day, you would probably lose some listeners and advertisers. But you should probably be OK doing it late at night. The true and enlightened believers would be loyal to you forever. I tried to get some other radio stations in the area interested but they just laughed at me. Well eventually the last laugh will be on them when the aliens come to earth and make contact. 

 More Hank Snow!

 I think all of you are doing a great job. I think that there are rare, older people in our area of Southern AZ. that you could get interviews with. Their history would be a great interest to folks that live here and that are visiting.

 I like the music you play, I don't like your ads and your cavemen. Tell your cavemen to keep their mouth shut and just play music. The rest of my friends from high school feel the same as me.

 What the Benson/St. David/Pomerene area needs is a great country station. Stop playing rock and roll and switch to country. That is why I listen to the Sierra Vista stations.

 More editorials about what is happening in Cochise County. I love when we all get involved and comment on the corruption and BS that's going on. If we all remain silent we deserve to be duped. Information is key today and most of us don't get the real thing/truth. Controversy creates opportunity, stir more people up and maybe you will get more peoples attention and some advertisers, (Good Controversy) we all know there are many out there looking to trip you up. Discovery is the worst enemy of the BS'er. The station is fine but I grew up in the 70's, there is a boatload of country and country fried rock that you're completely missing. Yes, stations are changing and people want something more diverse so mix it up more and please include some of the country from the 70's and 80's that was a big time when country began to change. Once in a great while you touch a little on that time frame and then skip right over it. Charlie Daniels, Marshal Tucker, Skynyrd, Ceedence, Outlaws, Little Feet, Nitty Gritty to name a few. Oh and give Debbie more coffee. Keep up the good work.

The list of artists on your survey is OK but who I really like is Johnny Horton, Walter Brennan (especially "Old Rivers" and "Farmer and the Lord". Joanne by Michael Nesmith, and most every thing by Kenny Rogers. Could you add these artists to your survey? Thanks and keep on playing the best country music in the area.

 You play the best country music in the whole damn region. Don't change a thing.

 I like the music you play, it is the best. also I like to hit myself in the head with a 2x4

 I don't know if you can make the Cave any better. It is the best station in Southern Arizona, to include Tucson. You run circles around the stations in Sierra Vista.  

I use to listen to KWCD, but now that I found your station the CAVE is all that I listen to. All the other CW stations in the area are second class.

 Please play more of the original honky-tonk music !

All the radio stations in Cochise County are crap, yours is only semi-crap so that is why I listen to you.

When I listen to radio I only listen to the CAVE. I don't like the other radio stations in the area.

I don't listen as much as I would like to because I'm usually not near a radio a good portion of the day. I was wondering if you could play "Alabama Rain" by Jim Croce. Maybe you do play it and I not listing at the time you do. Thanks
Stop playing country music !!!! Start playing alternative and punk rock with some rap. That's what we want.

I stopped listening to country music several years ago. I was board with it. Recently I started listening  to country music again. I really like your station and the music you play. I wish you had more power or could move your station to SV because in South SV it is hard to hear you.

I recently moved here from West Texas. We have a lot of great country stations there. But I think CAVE tops them all or at least can stand and hold it's own. against them. When I left Texas I thought I was not going to be able to listen to great music. Thanks and don't change a thing.

I like all kinds of music except country western. I know this is small town Arizona crap but why does everything have to be country western? I have always associated country western music with illiterate uneducated people. They like country western music because they don't know any better. Why not become a talk radio station, I'm not talking about Rush Limbaugh and those types of shows. I'm talking about shows that focus on the unusual like George Noory and other para-normal programs. There is a lot of truth these shows put out. Truth that is censored by the government and the established networks. You can take the lead in spreading the truth in Arizona. Even uneducated backwards cowboys need to know the truth.
If you want to make CAVE-FM a better radio station, make your commercial more professional. Also make your disk jockeys act a litter more professional too. The music is great, probably the best in Cochise County.

I live way north and east of Cascabel in a pretty remote area. It is actually in Graham County. I don't have internet access to listen online. The radio in my truck can't pick you up either. I rigged a rather elaborate antenna array on my trailer and now I can get you most if not all of the time. I wish you had more power so we who live in very remote areas can listen because you have a great station.

I like both rock oldies and country. When I'm in the mood for country I will always choose your station. KWCD and KTAN just can't keep up with the CAVE. Keep up the good work.

It is a shame that you had to stop broadcasting on 1210 am in Tucson. The quality of your programming was beyond great. The business community of Tucson missed a great opportunity to advertise on a station that was only going to grow and go up in the ratings. I worked at a medium sized radio station in the mid-west in the 1980's doing production, traffic, fill in D.J. and any other task the GM needed. The 2 guys that sold the advertising told me that the radio market was changing and businesses buying ads was going to dry up and good long standing clients was going to be a thing of the past. Also the FCC has allowed too many stations especially in big cities. I guess Tucson has too many stations and not enough loyal business customers to go around. I read on your web-site that you are selling your station. I hope you get your full asking price and maybe even a little more. I also hope a new owner doesn't change the programming and screw up a good thing.

Keep on playing the good C/W music. Do away with most editorials. Less stupid talk from some of your cavemen. Overall you have a great station, I think the best in the area.

more local based advertisement

Get new owner
Apparently,the station is not monitored at night.

Stronger signal

Broadcast in the Tucson Market

I'm glad you are back to live streaming on the internet. I wish you could go back to being on 1210 AM in Tucson.

Change the playlist to include different oldies than the ones you currently play. Some of the ones you play now have been played way too much.

It's a great station as is. The music is great, and I like the live dj sound. Computer radio is so boring. I drive along I 10 to Deming twice a week and used to lose the signal at Willcox but since you're on line, we go with blue tooth all the way.
 I have been a fan of country music all my life and I have listened to country stations from all over the country during my travels. I have to say you have the best country station by far. You are a small town radio station with a big city sound. Thanks for being there.

I use to listen to you on line until you had to discontinue doing that. I fully understood why you had to stop streaming. I'm really glad you are back to streaming on the web. I live in Washington near Seattle. We don't have any good country stations here. I guess small town cowboys in places like Arizona and Texas are the only ones who know what true country music is. Thanks for bringing great programming to the airwaves. I guess it is just a dream but I wish you could syndicate you station around the country.

 This may seem radical, but Benson should add a small tax to everyone in Benson and give you the money to pay for your radio station. This way you can have commercial free music all the time. I don't believe the airwaves should be cluttered up with advertising. I turn on the radio for music not propaganda from businesses. Radio is for the people and government needs to support and encourage that.

Except for Joaquin, Bill and Sherry, Hire somebody who can talk on the "air" without sounding like amateurs.

I was never a big fan of Country/Western Music until I listened to the Cave. Your station kind of grows on you. Of all my radio listing time your station is about 90%. The other 10% is divided up among the other stations.

Please more cowboy country music/western underground. Ya know Chris LeDoux, his son Ned LeDoux, Paul Bogart. Also why not ask area churches to do Sunday morning service (alternate the churches) could be either pre-recorded or live stream???

keep playing older country music
I'm sorry to report that I won't be listening to your radio station anymore. It' not that you did anything wrong, I'm just sick and tired of all music from any source. I gave up my subscription to Sirius Satellite. I have found I live and feel better without radio and music of any kind. I only listen to radio for news. Once the news is over I shut the radio off. I wish you much success with your radio station, but it will come without me.

Older is always BETTER

I've been listening to the CAVE for about 10 years or so. I always liked you station and I'm glad you are now # 1 in the ratings. All the Country/Western music lovers in Sierra Vista must be closet listeners. Because they publicly claim to listen to only SV radio stations. The numbers sure show the station they are really listing to. Maybe the businesses will now take notice of of the ratings and advertise where they can "get more bang for their buck". Good luck and a job well done on becoming # 1.

I think you have a good radio station but I think you should know that something might be wrong with your signal or someone might be messing with you. On several days last week in the morning there was a lot of interference on your radio. It sounded like someone was trying to broadcast over the top of your station. It would last about 5 or 10 minutes. It sounded like someone was trying to "jam" your signal. I wouldn't put it past some people to do something like that.

like your radio most of the time. but not all of the time. play more modern stuff.

Many radio stations have community interest shows usually on Sunday evening or night. Could you please consider having such a program that focuses on LGBTQ issues? I am a lesbian and there are many others in your listening area that would benefit from such a program. Thanks
I like everything that is country music. I only listen to country music, everything else is pure garbage. I have some friends and we like to get drunk, get naked and gyrate to good country music. We are not perverts or homos , my friends are girls. Don't stop playing country music.

I like the Cave. You play the best music. Keep up the good work and don't change a thing.

I just read your advertising statistics on your web site. CONGRATULATIONS! (just a side note your old fashioned web site has more info than the other stations' modern web sites). It's hard to understand how a station can make wild swings either up or down in the Nielsen ratings. What do you attribute your significant move to the top to, especially if you did not change your program or format? I can understand a format change could have a significant effect on the ratings. There are other radio stations in Cochise County, both commercial and non-commercial. For example KDAP-AM, KAPR-AM KWRB-FM, KNXN-AM, KCDQ-FM, KWCX-FM just to name a few, I can only assume that they are so far down the list they are not worth mentioning. It would be nice if you can give a little more explanation, either in an editorial or on the "advertising tab". I'm not a businessman so I wouldn't be buying advertising, so maybe it's none of my business. Again congratulation on being # 1 in Cochise County radio.

You would never hear such childish shenanigans anywhere other than public radio. Might explain why the GM wastes so much of his money keeping the station afloat, and why you cant get any real sponsors. Just my opinion, and not necessarily facts.

stronger signal

Nothin....I like it.
I spent 40 + years of my in radio. I started out doing odd jobs, then fill in D.J., then full time D.J., then Program Director. a little time in sales, and finally GM. Radio has changed radically over the years. I have seen more changes to the business than I care to have seen. It is not the same as when I started in the 60's. I can understand why you want to sell and move on. Since radio has deteriorated over the past several decades, I feel that KAVV-FM is too good of a station for the area you serve. Your programming just can't be beat. Some of your on-air people need a little work, but that is always the nature of the business. I'm afraid that when you finally sell the station it will just dry up and blow away.
I love how the station talks about council meeting and things happening in the city. I think the cave needs to report more in the morning about the city and poor finances. Their department heads have been there 100 years and are not doing a good job. Also our fire protection in the city is crap and that's due to miss management by Keith Spangler, yet Mayor King is too scared to address it because of reelection. We need to expose the city faults especially in time of election year. It has been too long this city has felt with the same faces and no change.
Make Joaquin work harder.

I really like alternative rock. Especially the loud, out of control kind. KZMK and the Tucson stations just don't play the right kind of music. Why don't you play the most extreme, wild and violent music and put those other stations out of business. Me and my friends really like that kind of music. Most people really want that kind of music. County music is a thing of the past even the younger generation from small cowboy towns want wild and vicious music. The only time I might even consider listening to country music is if I can look at pictures Taylor Swift doing porn.

Tell Wakeen Hara to stop bragging on his self. I have to listen to another radio station or play CD's until he goes off the air each day and on Saturday.

Thank you for your gift of healing. You should channel your radio station to Washington D.C. to heal our government. I don't want to question the forces of the universe, but who would have thought that country music heals. I always thought eastern and Indian music was the key to keeping all of nature both plant and animal is perfect balance. I can even feel the healing vortex when I pass by your station.
I just recently found your station and your website. I read all of the comments submitted by your listeners. Many of them seem very good, however, there are quite a few that are bizarre and some are even very disturbing. Let us hope that the extreme ones were submitted as a joke. Maybe some kid was trying to get attention anonymously. Well I like your station when I'm in the mood for country music. Keep up the good work.

I think the City of Benson should buy your radio station (at your full asking price). Then they can turn it into a community run station. People could produce their own 1 hour shows for a small fee to cover costs. During their hour long show they can program anything they want, for example music, talk, sports, comedy, advise, etc. Kind of like college radio stations. The city could broadcast the city council meetings so the people in Benson could realize all the nonsense that goes on during those meetings.

You have a great country station, not like the crap country stations here in Sierra Vista. When you sell the station I hope you get a million bucks, a great radio station is priceless.

Benson, Sierra Vista and the rest of the filthy "A-holes" in Cochise County don't deserve a good county radio station. Move the station to any other part of the country where the people care about and want a good country station. Benson is the stinking arm-pit of Arizona. The only Arizona city that is worst is Bisbee, the home of everything bizarre and un-natural. Don't eat at a restaurant in Bisbee, because the Health Department has found evidence of human feces in the food. Why doesn't any media outlet report that on the news?

I really like the cave and I'm not talking about Kartchner Caverns. Less sports talk in the AM and drop the comments and editorials. Great country music is your strength, stick with that. If good music and good on-air people was all you did you might win back all the listeners who were driven away by all the controversial junk.
As a school teacher I am giving your station a report card. Music A+ Commercials C On air personalities B- Editorials D-

TO THE CAVE PEOPLE: I just wanted to inform you on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, at around 2 AM I drove past your radio station on 5th St and I was buck naked. There were two others in the car with me and they also were nude. We did this to make a social statement. We were going to tell you about this in advance, but we were afraid you would call the police and have us arrested. We are going to continue to make social statements. Our next one we are going to masturbate if front of another business. We have not yet selected a date or a location. We like your radio station, that is why we selected your business to make our first social statement. FROM: JIM, TERRI AND MARIA
Love it that you are back on the internet! Don't change a thing, it is great the way it is.

I have a question for you. I don't have a product or service to sell, but I want to buy 10 or so 30 second spots on your station. I only want animal noises along with people belching and passing gas on those spots. Would you sell me the spots? How much would you charge me? If people find it disgusting maybe you can play them late at night. I checked with the radio stations in Sierra Vista and Douglas and they all said no. I was thinking that people could buy 30 seconds or a minute and just say what is on their mind as long as it is not obscene or illegal.

Gun Show on weekend

I love how the station talks about council meeting and things happening in the city. I think the cave needs to report more in the morning about the city and poor finances. Their department heads have been there 100 years and are not doing a good job. Also our fire protection in the city is crap and that's due to miss management by Keith Spangler, yet Mayor King is too scared to address it because of reelection. We need to expose the city faults especially in time of election year. It has been too long this city has felt with the same faces and no change.

Make Joaquin work harder.
I really like alternative rock. Especially the loud, out of control kind. KZMK and the Tucson stations just don't play the right kind of music. Why don't you play the most extreme, wild and violent music and put those other stations out of business. Me and my friends really like that kind of music. Most people really want that kind of music. County music is a thing of the past even the younger generation from small cowboy towns want wild and vicious music. The only time I might even consider listening to country music is if I can look at pictures Taylor Swift doing porn.

Tell Wakeen Hara to stop bragging on his self. I have to listen to another radio station or play CD's until he goes off the air each day and on Saturday.
Leave it alone. It's fine.
I just recently found your station and your website. I read all of the comments submitted by your listeners. Many of them seem very good, however, there are quite a few that are bizarre and some are even very disturbing. Let us hope that the extreme ones were submitted as a joke. Maybe some kid was trying to get attention anonymously. Well I like your station when I'm in the mood for country music. Keep up the good work.
I think the City of Benson should buy your radio station (at your full asking price). Then they can turn it into a community run station. People could produce there own 1 hour shows for a small fee to cover costs. During their hour long show they can program anything they want, for example music, talk, sports, comedy, advise, etc. Kind of like college radio stations. The city could broadcast the city council meetings so the people in Benson could realize all the nonsense that goes on during those meetings.

You have a great country station, not like the crap country stations here in Sierra Vista. When you sell the station I hope you get a million bucks, a great radio station is priceless.

Benson, Sierra Vista and the rest of the filthy "A-holes" in Cochise County don't deserve a good county radio station. Move the station to any other part of the country where the people care about and want a good country station. Benson is the stinking arm-pit of Arizona. The only Arizona city that is worst is Bisbee, the home of everything bizarre and un-natural. Don't eat at a restaurant in Bisbee, because the Health Department has found evidence of human feces in the food. Why doesn't any media outlet report that on the news?

I enjoy it the way it is now

.Hey Dude - you play the best Country music - don't change anything......................................................
Get back on air in Sahuarita AZ, Tucson AZ and Green Valley PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I live 30 miles WEST of Tucson & used to get 1210 real strong, but in the last couple day the MEXICANS have taken over,, That is not acceptable,, Let me know how I can help,, it needs to get fixed,, Thanks Keep up the good work,, JIM
Connect to the internet
Restart your streaming.

I like your station man don't change nothing or i will listen to other radio. you play good s--t.

About half of the time I like oldies and the other half I like county. When I listen to country I only listen to the "cave". I really like that now you are on 1210 AM in Tucson. I can still listen to the "cave" when I am in Tucson even as far north as Marana, Oro Valley and even farther north. I hope your advertisers realize that the reach of their commercials now goes way beyond western Cochise County. I know people from Tucson are not going to come down to Benson and the surrounding area to shop, but they are getting their name out there.
You have a really great radio station. Now that the Cave is for sale, I would love to buy the station. But all my venture and investment capital is tied up in chain letters.
Play more Moe Bandy

keep up the good woork

I like that you play old songs that I haven't heard in years and that I haven't heard any other radio station play. I don't have one of your stickers. I'm a winter visitor (5 months)
I like good old country music. Mainly 60s - 80s. Some of the 50s. Most anything newer except George Strait, is just not country. Country music has lots of steel guitar and fiddles. I would like to hear Ronnie Milsap, Liz Anderson, and Norma Jean if you can. Your dj's aren't bad. Lots of commentaries and sports I don't care for. I listen to you between Tucson and Willcox. I lose you in Texas canyon and Marsh Station. Basically I like you.
Play more Highwayman as a group and as individuals. More Dylan, Carl Perkins, Roy, Charlie Rich, Jerry Lee, June, Loretta, Mickey Gilly and Jewell

Leave as is
More Clay Walker

More western oldies and folk songs

I was looking very closely at the art work on the home page of your web-site. The picture of the cave man sitting on the back of a dinosaur with a hammer and chisel carving "Cave 97.7 FM" in the front of the cave. But as I looked closer I noticed a dotted line coming out of the mouth of the cave. What is that suppose to be? Is can't be the footprints of the cave man or the dinosaur because they are in a single file. The only thing I can think of what it could be is a trail of either cave man or dinosaur poop. If that is what it is you have a great sense of humor. If that is not a poop trail, please don't be offended by my comments. But on a more serious note, I really like your radio station and the music you play. Over the years radio stations change their formats. I hope you keep the cave just as it is for a long time, even though there is a trail of poop coming out of the mouth of the cave. LOL
Here in the Benson area, we have a secret group who meet on a regular basis. We are nudists. We also believe in free love with other consenting adults. During our gatherings we always have our radios tuned to Cave-fm. Your music inspires us in our endeavors. You and your staff are welcome to join us, just ask around and you will find our next meeting.

I live in Tucson and just found out about you now being on 1210 am. I really like your station. One big question does KEVT pay you to use your programming or do you have to pay KEVT to be on their station? If they have to pay you maybe you can sell your programming to other stations and make some good money.

Add humor sketches.

I don't think you can make CAVE-FM any better, you already have the best C/W programming in the area. Here is a suggestion which might make you connect with the community better. I have seen this work in some other cities. Either start a restaurant or partner with an existing local restaurant and have your studios at the restaurant. The restaurant patrons can watch and listen to the radio shows through a glass window. They can even ask for requests and have their favorite song played while they eat. You said that the Sierra Vista people look at you as an out of town business. Well, broadcasting from a Sierra Vista or even a Huachuca City restaurant would put you right square in the middle of Sierra Vista. With your Nielsen Rating numbers the advertisers would no longer be able to ignore you. I know this concept would take an initial investment but it is just a thought.
You have mentioned in the past you can't get enough advertisers or find a good salesman to make the cave a profitable station. Here is a suggestion to help fund the station. Why don't you open a brothel in Benson. The area really needs a good one. All you have to do is "play ball" with the local officials and maybe "grease a few palms." You would probably make enough money to fund several radio stations and have a great deal of profit. You probably think this is a joke but I am very serious. Please think about it.
Fire Joaquin, and then hire him back at $3.00 per hour!

If you are going to report on the city council meetings, then two recommendations. 1. Donít be so biased against the city in your reporting. 2. Get a decent recording if you are going to play back segments of the meeting. The device you currently use is terrible and you canít understand a thing they are saying. Finally, the texting between Joaquin and his friends is rude when the audience doesnít know what they are laughing about.

It is sad that you are selling the cave. I know nothing is forever, I hope the new owner doesn't ruin the cave by making a lot of changes. Cave is the only good radio station in the area.

Play more 70 and 80's country music!!!

I live north of Pomerene near Cascabel. I used to be able to pick up your station on the FM radio, but now all I get is static. Did something change? Are you still broadcasting on FM or did you move your station to the AM only? I can still get you on the AM radio, but not at night. I like your station a lot.


Might check out One America News (OAN) as a news source.


Playing more of the old classic country/cowboy songs
I think you should stop letting the Tucson station (1210 AM) use your programming. The stinking filthy people of Tucson don't deserve to hear good country music. Several years ago I moved from Tucson to near Pomerene to get away from all of those pig people. Let the Tucson scum listen to garbage music and wallow in the pig sty ! !

After reading on your website that the CAVE is for sale, I hope you get your full asking price. I know it has been a rough 30+ years, but I want to say thanks for bring a radio station to Benson. Too bad the local business community didn't see the value in supporting a local radio station. I lived in Sierra Vista in the early 60's when Sierra Vista had only one radio station. The businesses and the community at large really supported that station. It kept the community informed and really brought everyone together. That station was a tremendous asset to the area. Again too bad Benson could not figure out what a valuable resource you had. With a lot of advertisers you could could have done a lot more. I know you are not a fan of social media (facebook,twitter etc.) You once commented you hoped it along with rap music would just go away. Well your wish might come true. In recent news reports the younger generation is going away from facebook. It probably won't happen over night, but facebook may have seen it's best days and is slowly going

I like that you have some female DJ's. I remember the days when only men were DJ's especially on country stations. Thanks for being inclusive.
The cave is a real good radio station because of the music you play. Keep on playing it. Tell the guy in the morning to stop talking about sports crap and just play music. EM-BM-EM (my friends know what that means)

I am 85 years old and have lived in the Benson area all my life. I remember when the only radio stations in Cochise County were in Bisbee and Douglas and you couldn't pick them up in Benson. The only radio you could listen to was from Tucson and sometimes you couldn't pick them up either. Thanks for bringing a radio station to Benson. Every town, small or large needs it's own radio station. Local radio can really bring a community together. I am moving to California to spend my final years with family. I'm going to miss your station, again thanks for bringing radio to Benson.
I use to like your radio but I do not like your radio no more. I am sick of country music crap. Change to hard rock that is all I like now.
More of the pick a name or subject and play them, ie the 4 Hanks, or subject roses

I will have to ponder this further........................ To be continued.

Thank you for playing Christmas music throughout Dec. You never did that before, it was only one week. When Benson had more businesses you should have played that music to encourage sales locally, now it's to little too late. I hate to here your DJ's saying that they go to Tucson several times a week . They need to still support what is left locally and that includes Willcox Tombstone and the Area around Sunsites . I don't live in Benson, but my heart is there..Thanks for listening.

I know how you like to write editorials. Could you write one about the disgusting people who don't pick up after their dog craps on the sidewalk. The other week I was walking on 5th Street a couple of blocks from your station and I almost stepped in several piles of dog crap. Let us hope it was dog crap and not human crap. It today's day and age it very well could have been human crap, we all know how people are becoming more filthy and animal like.

When the animals on my farm hear your radio station the cows moo, the dog barks, the horse neighs, the donkey brays, the pig oinks, the chickens cluck and the cat meows. THEREFORE, you must be playing good country music. I and my animals like your station. All the other country stations like KWCD and KTAN only play manure. (organic matter, mostly derived from animal feces).
My job takes me out of town for months at at time. I only get back to Benson 2 or 3 times a year, for about 2 weeks. Did I miss something? Are you now broadcasting on 1210 AM also? I think that is great, now the Tucson people can experience how good the cave is. Please drop the editorials and comments and just play great music. People can get upset by the editorials, but they can't get upset about the good music.

Whoever this character is in the morning, he does not understand that not everyone is consumed with football as he is. It may be his hobby but he can keep it to himself. I love the music your station plays but I am close to turning the channel when there is extensive banter about football. I, and many of my friends, could care less what his opinion is of any football team or the outcome of a game.
Play some Rex Allen sr and jr PLEASE

can't beat internet audio I get a lot a music using KODI it has lots of signals I read the blerb on yer site and i understand but yeu can finger out a werk around. drink some coffee and think bout it.
Keep doing what you're doing.
just Keep on doin' what You're doin'... Ņ Maybe play m o r e Oldies ? ...
More Hank, Jr; more Phil Harris

Joaquin is fine but he laughs too often and too long.

Joaquin is great! Don't appreciate his texting with specific listeners and leaving the rest of us out of the discussion.

Nothing just keep doing wat y'all is doing
I like you station very much. You are better than the other county stations in the area. Now that you are also broadcasting on that old AM station in Tucson, maybe the Tucson businesses will buy advertising since the locals won't. Local businesses probably won't like it if Tucson business buy ads and take business away from them, but what the heck, they had their chance and they blew it. But please don't have more ads than music. Some stations are like that and when they do that I just find another station to listen to. Thanks
Keep jaquoin horrow on all day.

More old country

If I may, I would like to make 2 comments. First, I just read the latest listener's opinions, I have to agree with the person who likes your old web site. I think the retro look is the best. Second, could you post something about also broadcasting on 1210 AM. I understand that is a pretty powerful AM station from Tucson that tanked a while back. If the Benson area businesses don't buy ads from you maybe the Tucson folks will buy them. Thanks for letting us make comments and posting them.
You are my favorite. I listen whenever I am in range.
More than 2000 songs
I love the 40's and 50's music

Fiire jack harrow and put shotgun sherri on in the mornings. She is your best DJ!

Stronger signal. Have to listen in AM, can't turn in on FM

Keep up the good work.
I have one question. Since you are radio and not television and we can not see your on-air personalities. Do they wear clothes while on the air? If they don't wear clothes, why don't you start calling your station "bare naked radio".

Several years ago I moved to Phoenix and was no longer able to listen to CAVE. The country stations in Phoenix are OK. 2 months ago I moved back to Southern AZ and now live in Sierra Vista. I again started listing to CAVE. I didn't realize what I was missing those years I was in Phoenix. Keep up the good work and don't change a thing.  I like you station just as it is.

More up to date news instead of news that is several days late!

Make the commercials better. using the same 3 voice overs with fake accents is very middle school AV club and tiresome. I turn the radio off.
Just keep playing the old country. Since KCUB went off the air, no station is doing what you are doing. I am SO GLAD you got the 1210 AM so we can listen in Tucson!

Expand your play list but stick with the older stuff
Keep the mix varied.

Of the 3 C/W radio stations I can get in S.V. CAVE is by far the best. The other 2 are just OK. After reading your comments and some of your listener's comments concerning your old and archaic web site,I agreed you needed to give the site a complete make over. But after looking real close at your site I changed my mind. I think the old style format stands out. Most radio station's websites are all the same. Maybe some new pictures of the cavemen and maybe some other new pictures. But defiantly don't change the old style format. Your website shows that you set your own trends and just don't follow all the other stations. Many times old things come back into style.


Hello to the Cave Board of Directors As you may know, it is rare for woman to get ahead in this crazy world ! I have heard Shotgun Sherry on the radio and I even heard her for a few days a while back on the morning show speaker since the "Sports Rabbit" slept in. He is a "Sports Rabbit" because he never zips the lip about sports. It would be nice to give Sherry the morning show or put her with the "Sports Rabbit" on the morning show, so he shuts up about sports. This past Wednesday I was listening and he named the day after him. I do not know how to spell his name, however that is just insane. Who owns this station? or Who is the President of the station or company that owns the station? I would take out the batteries and reset him, so he works as you want, not as he has been. He sounds nearly the same every day and that is so old. Humor everyone and replace the "Sports Rabbit" What is he to you? Are you gay and he sucks your ****?  Sorry to be this vulgar, but it is upsetting.

I would prefer a classic rock station but the cave is what it is so no need to change. BTW the only reason I rush to turn on the cave is to hear the city council report

Play less DIXIE CHICKS. Understand have to play what they tell you but suppose to be CLASSIC MUSIC station. This new stuff is mostly crap. Will keep listening but please try and play more the good country classics.
Increase your signal so I can get radio in Sunsites!

Thanks for being on 1210 khz

Love sports in the morning with Joaquin he's the best AM D.J. on the radio.

I give you 4 out of 5 stars. I would give you 5 stars if you stop the editorials and the stupid stuff.
I wish you could go back to streaming on the internet. Most of the time it is hard to pick up your radio station because I live in a low spot and I am blocked by some mountains.So I'm forced to listen to KHIL in Willcox. That's OK but I like The Cave better. I go a mile or so down the road and I can pick you up just fine. I look forward to listening when I drive to Benson 2 or 3 time a week.
More reporting on the shenanigans in benson
I like your station, keep up the good work and don't change anything.
More country oldies
I'd love a bigger variety of older songs.
Play more true country music. I know Joaquin likes Sylvia, Rascal Flats and the like, but that is NOT Country Music, and he seems to be playing more of that. Keep it down to earth and traditional - PLEASE! Edward Fox
I worked in radio 30 years ago back in the mid-west. We were always trying to adjust the programming to get better results (listeners and advertisers). It was a never ending process. We would feel out the market with little changes and if it didn't work we would try something else. A couple of things that worked (at least for a little while) for us was: 1. Pick an artist or group and highlight them for one hour, we called it "noontime focus". We would pick a different group or artist everyday. 2. We tried taking 1 hour during the day and played only the most requested songs from the past week. Sometimes it is the little changes that the listeners love.
Do not like the gay radio stations in Sierra Vister they make music for pig peoples Like kave fm because of good music

My opinion on how to make CAVE-FM even better: Dump all the controversial stuff and do what you do best, GOOD MUSIC AND GOOD ON-AIR PEOPLE ! ! !
I don't think you can make your station better, you already have the best selection of music. Just keep on keeping on.
Hire more experienced "on air" people that can be at Joaquin's level after he goes home at 10-AM. Do "live" broadcasts from your advertisers' businesses offering sale items during some selected Saturday's. We want to meet the announcers..
You've got a great radio station, just can the editorials and keep on cranking out the good county music.

I just looked at the tab on you website about advertising. I found it very interesting. I have one big question, how does The Nielsen Company arrive at those numbers of people listening? Maybe you can post an explanation of how the system works. Thanks

Many radio stations (especially in the big cities) have more then one on-air personality on during the morning drive time. If you could pair up a couple of your D.J.'s for the morning drive time you might even get more listeners, especially if the two can work together well, with good talk, funny banter and of course good country music.

I live in the J-6 area and work on the north side of Tucson. I listen until you fade out on my drive to and from work. I wish you can bring back the streaming on line so I can listen to you while at my desk at work. I read your explanation of why you had to discontinue it and I agree with you. It's not worth risking an expensive lawsuit by the greedy artists. You probably have the best country programming of any station in the area.

I like what you guys do, not every song on the radio is supposed to make everyone happy just keep up the good work.
joaquin doesn't know sports, then takes 5 min to show his ignorance that you or I could say in 2

I don't always listen to country music, I also like rock,rock oldies and jazz, but when I want country I like listening to your station. I don't care about the editorials or other bull crap, I just like the mix of old and new country. More music and less bull s**t

I read your introductory comments and realize that you don't care for social media. You said that everybody wants you to be on facebook and twitter, but they can't tell you how it would help your business. Please let me share a few thoughts with you. First, facebook and twitter are absolutely free, not like a web site that you have to pay for and pay someone to updated it. Second, you can change and update facebook yourself any time you want, even several times a day if you wish, with out having to pay anyone to do it. Any high school student can do it. Third, many businesses use only social media and have given up their regular websites. I sure they did that in order to save money. Please give it some thought and talk with other business men about using social media and you might find out that social media can help your business and your bottom line.

I do change the station when Taylor Swift or the Dixie Chicks start and sometimes don't tune back in until the same thing happens on the new station.
I don't have tv because tv is garbage for stupid people so i have the radio on at night for background noise so play more music and less talking from your people can you make an editorial telling how bad gay people are we dont want gay people in benson send them all to bisbee
I have a radio set to your station in my barn. All the animals (cows, horses, pigs and chickens) love the music you play. The dog is not very crazy about the music, but he is a stupid dog anyway.

Announce name of song and name of performer.

This suggestion may seem a little strange, but I've seen it done else where. Every now and then have your "cavemen" do their show from out in front of your station. Besides playing music they can chat with people on the street. It would help you better connect with the community.
Do not play the same song by a different artist one after another.
I found the Nielsen ratings very interesting and a little surprising. Are you going to up date this every year when the new ratings come out? Keep up the good work !
Let more people know about the problems caused by the radical right and the Republican Party.
Would love to get it back on streaming. Now I have to pay Sirius / XM. Here in Warren (Bisbee) I can't get a good signal in this OLD 5,000 Sq Ft Building. By the way. I own Print And Stitch. If we could barter for advertising, I do Silk Screening, Embroidery, Sublimation as well. Need a Banner, I do that too. And Soooo Much more. 432-3030 Thanks Al
PAUL...Less of your ideas and thoughts! Just play the older country music and let the DJ's do their jobs. Thanks.

I moved away from Southern Arizona a long time ago before there was a radio station in Benson. A friend of mine told me about CAVE so when I came back to visit I listened in. WOW what a great station ! If you would move your station to a big city and keep your exact format you would soon be # 1. Not to mention you would make money hand over fist.

Stop with the Tailor Swift crap and a little less Dixie Chicks would keep me from changing the station while I'm working. Take a poll, real Country Fans don't want to listen to either of them, especially the Pop Singer. Get Bill some help. Things seem to go South when he tries to give us the 4:00 and 5:00 news feed... Juaquin (sp???) is doing much better as a Dallas Cowboys Hater, but should continue to work on being a fan. Of course, his continued infatuation with Detroit only makes it hard to take him seriously but someone has to be a fan of that city... Otherwise, YES, I listen to The CAVE all day long unless I am forced to change the station when the Pop Singer starts wailing about mean people or some other crap. Oh yeah, Sherry is a very nice addition... She could use more daytime air time...

Joaquin may spout off about a lot of things, but, I still enjoy his time. All of your Broadcasters are, in my opinion, excellent. They are connected to the community & say so. They also enjoy the old country favorites. CAVE 97.7 is a true country station. Thank you, & keep up the good work. Windee----------

Keep your independent status. Do not be syndicated. Love your reporting the local news. Love the music mix! ♡♡ BUT KILL THE ADS and Op Ads that are written with satire, are cynical, or that poke fun at drug use, have sexual innuendo, divorce, welfare

I would love to be able to get the cave in Willcox!!!!!

Can you play some music by "Burn Your Face Off", They play rock and country.

I moved away from Southern Arizona a long time ago before there was a radio station in Benson. A friend of mine told me about CAVE so when I came back to visit I listened in. WOW what a great station ! If you would move your station to a big city and keep your exact format you would soon be # 1. Not to mention you would make money hand over fist.

Bring streaming back. I realize it's out of your hands.

You've been looking to sell more advertising for the entire existence of the station, but you've taken an antagonistic attitude toward the community and the city. You're not a news station, you're a classic country station. That's a format that is winning ratings all across the country, so stick with that, get a good team for the morning show, and a positive attitude, and I'll bet you could sell enough advertising in Benson, Sierra Vista and Vail to fill all of your available time.

I just moved from the Dallas area to Benson (what a culture shock). CAVE is better than the all the country stations in Dallas I guess it takes small town cowboys to do country right.--------- Thanks CAVE

I didn't want to answer the other questions on your survey because I have already taken your survey and I did not want to skew the results. However I did want to give a comment. Wikipedia has many articles to include radio stations. The Wikipedia entry for your station is very short and not very informative. Many of the other stations have detailed information and history concerning their stations. Anyone can edit and add to a Wikipedia article, you could probably add a lot of information in just 10 or 15 minutes. Just a suggestion, but why don't you tell the world about your station(history, info etc)? It is free and the more people who know about your station the more name recognition you get. Additionally it can make you look more like a modern station. You have a very unique branding for your station since you have a close proximity to Kartchner Caverns. Remember Wikipedia is free advertising for your station.

The audio sounds a little funk

The music you play just rips my face off.

This station is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but since I'm Mexican I should say it is the greatest thing since fresh homemade tortillas. - COUNTRY MUSIC FOREVER ! ! ! ! !

Like all of the programming. Been listening for years. Like older songs/artists. One suggestion: more slow oldies music after 10 p.m.

Keep as is. Just don't forget what real country music is. Keep it mainly classic country. Some new is ok. Joaquin is awesome on my drive home from work in Tucson.

stay the way they are

Put the current list of songs being played on the website so in case you miss the title or artist you can know by the time listed. Joaquin & his music are great ! !

You guys play a lot of good country music, but every now and then you play a song that is so good and powerful I poop in my pants. No other station has ever done that to me. I have learned to always carry an extra pair of underwear when listing to your station. GO CAVE !

Shotgun Sherry is my favorite!!! She really knows how to play a little bit of everything and talks about things I like. She's honestly the only person I really like listening to on The Cave. Really wish she would be on the air more!!! I love all of her playlists, good job on hiring such an awesome DJ!!!

Keep playing the old stuff. I really like the song "Rings" by Cymarron, can't wait until it come on again......

One could always say: more music, but, I feel that you play an excellent variety and I want to hear the news about town. It's the only method that I listen to, TV doesn't cover Benson. So, I say, keep on keepin on! Loven It! Windee

Start playing some of the older songs... enough of the new stuff, some of it does not even sound like COUNTRY..

I like the variety Shotgun Sherry plays; need more like that

Keep it oleasy stool while there is some of us left

Keep playing the oldies!

All radio stations promote gags and gimmicks, why don't you put a garbage can in front of your station and announce for everybody to throw in their CDs they don't like. Stuff like rap, old acid rock or even crappy country music. Then you can announce the type of music or artists the people of Benson don't like. If you get a lot of CD's maybe you can have a yard sale and give the money to charity

More country music and anouncers slow their talking down. I can't understand most of their words. mainly Bill Alexander!

I really like the music. To me it has a lot of old style country and a good mix of old and new.

I love your current format. Great mix of early country western (40's-70's) AND current artists. The fact that you don't play the same formulaic loop every four hours is greatly appreciated! I live in Yuma, but have a "homestead" in McNeal, everytime we're in town YOU are all we listen to (except for the 3 hours that Rush is on). Keep up the great work & Merry Christmas!

Tell Wakean to stop that uh oh spegettio shit..sounds like a retard from Paul Roots class

You might make Cave FM a better radio station by firing your current Manager named Paul. He bad mouths anything he can possibly bad mouth. That shows a poor, poor image on your radio station. As a matter of fact it lowers the image of your station. Less bad mouthing and more positive light being spoken on the radio will gain more listeners.

You are not going to like my comment but I think it needs to be said. I think with all the negative things that come out of your editorials and comments it is no wonder why many of the local businesses don't want to advertise with you. It is one thing to share your opinion and another thing to imply that everyone else is stupid if they don't agree with you. Your latest editorial tells the story. You got mad because SSVEC threatened to cut off your electricity because you didn't pay the bill. Then you went on a rant how they advertise with other radio stations and not with you. Since your editorial was so negative against them, if there was even a small chance of them doing some advertising with your station, you just slammed and locked the door against that ever happening. How many other businesses in the Benson area have you driven away? Maybe you should re-think and pick and choose your battles more carefully.

stop with the stupid sports reports from Joaquin. He is beyond bad with them.

You have your niche, it's good as it is.

Play all OLD MUSIC Hank Williams, Eddie Arnold ETC.

Don't change a thing! If i wanted to listen to the "new" or "hot" country I would listen to a different station. I would like to request two musicians be added to the cave's play list and they are Paul Bogart and Chris LeDoux.

Stay doing what your doing. Stay LIVE!!! Don't pipe in the signal, we can tell. (Well, some of us anyway.) Oh yeah, and tell Joaquin to quit givin' that cowboy lover Hummer so much air time! JK

Write more editorials.

I'm tired of CW music. I really love hard pounding, screaming alternative rock. If you can't change, because of all the cowboys in Benson, maybe you can play the alternative hard pounding rock late at night. Those of us who stay awake at night and sleep in the day , it would keep us awake.

I have lived in Benson all my life. I remember when there was no radio station in Benson. I'm really glad you brought us a station. I don't personally know many businessmen. If I meet any I will ask them to advertise on your station, I can't promise anything but I'll ask. If everyone here in Benson who knows a business owner asks them to advertise, maybe you'll get more clients.

Get an all jazz station nothing but. Call it town center radio. Play more of the lesser know jazz greats like chet baker. But I would also like to hear more Johnny Cash.

Play better music

was thinking about your comments about Facebook & Twitter and how you hope they are just a passing fad. Let me tell you a story about a passing fad. During World War II my uncle repaired and installed radio and radar equipment while in the Army Air Corps. He was very knowledgeable of all things electronic and broadcasting. After the war, he told me he had the opportunity to use his GI bill to go to school to learn the technical aspects of an up and coming new medium. After giving it a great deal of thought, he said no because he thought it was just a passing fad and it had no future. That upstart new "fad" was television. You might not like it, but social media may not be just a passing fad. Since it is free, take advantage of it, try to use it, play with it to help your business, and hopefully your bottom line. Thank you for letting me share my opinion with you.

Thanks for bringing a radio station to Benson 30+ years ago. I hope the business community realizes how valuable a station is to a small town and starts advertising on your station.

GREAT RADIO STATION, I hope you stay on the air for a long time to come

I have been reading some of the comments on your listener's survey. I think you should be able to sell a boat load of advertising to area psychologists and psychiatrists. It appears that there is quite a client base here in Benson for them.

Get rid of the birthday song lady.... And the way she sang Amazing Grace was an embarrassment

Please bring back online version or app

Carry High School sports

You mix both old and new country, but I like only new country. Old country was yesterday's music, new country is today's music. Why look back when you can look forward?

Wow I'm really going to miss your stream on the internet. I figured you guys had that all figured out about the royalties and everything. Too bad I really like your format I don't think I'll be moving to Southeastern Arizona anytime soon but I love it down there!

I am sick and tired of country why don't you change to grunge and goth music, nobody else plays that kind of music, you would be the first and would have the monopoly on that format. Put that music on the web and you would get people to listen from all over the country. Just because you are from Benson doesn't mean it has to be country.

I would like more news and community events, better website and maybe some facebook. But if you don't do those things, I will still listen to your station.


I like how you refer to your on-air staff as "cavemen" and the boss refers to himself as the "CAVEMANager". Have you ever given consideration to calling your listeners "spelunkers" ? Have bumper stickers the say something like " I go spelunking in the Cave at 97.7 FM" or something similar. Maybe T-shirts that say something like I'm a 97.9 FM Spelunker". Also I wish you had more local and area news. Keep up the good work, you have a good radio station.

You are doing very good. I listen to lots of internet radio and your varity in country (classic) as well as new is impressive. THANKS !

no more rascal flats----enough already

Overall you have a good station, however, I think you have the potential to become a GREAT station. In today's world you need to reach your audience with more than just the radio. You need to reach them on the internet and on social media (facebook, twitter, etc.). The younger crowd really embraces the social media and they are going to be the listeners and advertisers of the future. Grab them now. Your only real competition in the business of media is the Benson News-Sun. They are a once a week publication. Yes, they have an on-line version and a Facebook page but you can out due them on news and events because you are live 24/7. You have the ability to act fast. With a little advertising you can get Benson and the surrounding area to look to you first for news, information, music, etc.

Is the only thing Joaquin can talk about is sports? I don't mind the sports but it gets a little old. Maybe he can surprise everybody by one in a while talk about something else, possibly the history of the Benson area. I also would like a little more news and events. Thanks for allowing me to comment.

I wish you had more news from around the county.

 I think you owe it to the people of Benson and the surrounding area to use your right and privilege of editorializing to both point our the good and bad in the local government, schools businesses and the community as a whole. I know from experience it is very easy to fall into the negative trap. This is my opinion, please feel free to accept or reject my thoughts.

There is a big difference between news and editorials. I think you do a good job is keeping the two separate. One big question, why do all of your editorials have to be negative? You have the distinct privilege of being the only radio station in Benson. You are a big part of the community, whether you like it or not. Have you ever considered commenting on when the local government does something good or you like? Have you ever considered editorializing on other events in the community, both good and bad? Always being negative makes me wonder if you have a hidden agenda. By owing a media outlet you have the privilege of have a platform to express your views. This privilege comes with a great deal of responsibility.

keep on doin' what you're doing' - you far exceed other radio station. Variety makes the show, not the same 9 songs

Joaquin get him to shut his mouth or put him on the late night. When he is on i turn the channel or turn himoff
I like your radio, I always listen when I am working or driving. A lot of radio companies have an AM and an FM station, have you thought about doing that. You can do news, sports and that kind of stuff on one and good C/W music on the other.

I like your radio station good music and good on-air personalities. How about fixing up your web site and maybe adding a Facebook page. I know this is Cochise County which is usually about 20 years behind the times. Maybe you can be different and jump into the 21st century.

I know you are flying the banner against the Villages at Vigneto the highest. I think you should fly a large flag over the Vigneto site. On the flag should be an image of a large Capybara. The capybara is the world's largest rodent, it also eats its own stools. This animal is an excellent representation of Vigneto and its supporters ! ! ! ! !

I like your station, much better than KTAN and KWCD. Here are just a few thoughts. I like the city council report, wish you had more news from all over the county. Could you post your schedule and shows on you archaic web-site? How about a small 1 hour or so talk show to discuss local topics.

 love the eclectic mix on your station! I live in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs), CA. 95% of the radio stations in my local market are owned by 2 companies. I found CAVE to be a very refreshing change of pace. I spent the last two weeks in Mescal, helping a friend out on his ranch & once I found CAVE it's all I listened to. I like how you make room for older music in your format. Whoever your PD is they're doing a great job. I love Benson, everyone I met there were just great people! Shout-out to Tina at the Horseshoe, Jenny & Kassim at Galleano's & Jazzlynn at Wendy's!! I hope Benson never looses that small town feel!

I don't have a TV so I listen to the radio a lot, especially at night. I like your station

I like country & I like rock, make your station half country and half rock. Make a better webpage and add Facebook, twitter and other social media. I think you goat ropers in Benson don't know how to use social media, they can learn.

Great radio station, crappy website.

I like the section on your website that shows the listener's comments, some don't make any sense. But your web site is old looking, why not bring it up to date, and you might want to get a facebook and twitter page. Social media is where it's at to reach the younger generation.

Put some body's picture on your web site for 1 day, If they see their picture and come to the station, give them a prize, it doesn't have to be expensive. Make your small town station look like and act like a big city station.

Have you thought about a complete "make over". Completely change your format, maybe rock or R&B or talk radio with local and national shows. Now that KTAN stopped doing talk, we could use a good talk station.
The majority of songs played are real quality country classics...much appreciated!! So...why is it necessary to play the mindless, shallow tunes like Blake or Carrie tunes or rap?

I read your last editorial, San Diego has the same deal with using official letterhead to sell utility insurance from a private company. So it's not just a Benson thing, it is all over the county. One of the San Diego TV Stations did a story on it about a year ago. Maybe your station can do a news story on it also. See if any other cities in Southern AZ. are doing the same thing.

Take Florida Georgia Line off the survey, and keep them off the air. More local news, less sports.

Love Joaquin Harrow he's the best morning personailty I have listen to for ever He's the main reason I listen to the Cave

Play a few Bluegrass every so often.

Ask your evening & afternoon guy's to get into the job a lot more. Scott does fine

Some people like Joaquin's sports talk while other hate it. Why don't you give him 2 or 3 hours on Saturday where all he talks about is sports, no music. Maybe people can call in and talk with him. Then during his regular show during the week he can keep silent on sports, thus keeping everybody happy.

Joa quin is getting so full of himself I don't listen to the morning show anymore

As I stated earlier, I wish you covered a larger area. But, as far as content is concerned, you all are great!!

Have a variety of music types like country in the morning, Mexican in afternoon, rock at night, jazz on weekends etc. Since you are the only radio station in Benson you need to serve everybody. Maybe a talk show too

After reading others comments, I have to agree that your website is below par. But overall you've got a good radio station. I don't think you need to change much, just a little updating and and some minor changes, maybe some new jingles

I like your station, but your web site really stinks. I don't know why but it seems like that if you have a business today, you have to have a constantly updated Facebook page and a Twitter page. All the so called experts say that social media is the way to reach and inform the "millennials". I personally don't see a lot of value in social media, but if it brings in more listeners and advertisers I guess it is worth it. I also like on your "outdated" website the part where you share the comments made by listeners. Have you had any really strange or bizarre comments or suggestions? Those might be fun to read and get a good laugh.

It's great. We re full time RV'ers and listen to CAVE all over the country. We sty in benson at least 1 month every year. Keep doin' what you are doin'! THANK YOU! Pete & Cathy Linton

Don't mess with perfection

Keep it as is...live and local which is a rarity these days. Don't mess with the audio...you sound great!

Stay in Benson. I know the city council is goofed up, but if you leave, they win. Don't change anything. The format is great, the live DJ's are great, and the whole sound of your station is wonderful. I have it on all day in my office.

I like the new section on your website that lists some of our comments. Have you had any real strange or bizarre suggestions? I would like to see those just to get a good laugh.


Stay away from the so called "country" that has a techno beat or anything that could be considered "country rap".

Hire a sales person who won't quit.

would have a web on face book. the city of benson would half to straighten out or then if they do not pull out, and find a place outside their city limit with no talk if no responce.

I don't mind the Joaquin talking but does it always have to be about sports, can't he talk about other things? Over all you got a really good station. How about trying this to get more people listening and more people buying adds. Bill yourself as the "All New Cave". You don't have to change much maybe some of the DJ's can use a different on air name, mix things up a little and have your survey ask if you like the "New Cave". The best part it shouldn't cost any money and maybe your listeners and advertisers will grow. 

Play a larger mix of music instead of the same ones over and over.....there are thousands of choices out there. Why stick to only 400 or so??

I enjoy Joaquins morning sports commentaries and seldom miss them. They are well thought out and enjoyable because of there highly opinionated format. When it comes to politics I think we have a completely different matter. The cave is obviously very liberal in its leanings and while I dont share the opinions as a station it has every right to express what it feels...as long as it does so in an "editorial" format. For Joaquin to use innuendo to promote his political feelings is neither just or enjoyable. Maybe he can narrate his thoughts in an editorial...at least that would clearly label the product he wishes to promote. R Chandos Dragoon Az.

I like your radio station, maybe change things around a little so that you look new, but over all you don't need to change much. I like the new section on your website that lists some of our comments. Have you had any real strange or bizarre suggestions? I would like to see those just to get a good laugh. 

Play more of the 80"s and 90's Country

I say PAUL LOTSOF for MAYOR!!.. The only guy who could get some things done..
Love that you are online and I can listen in Pennsylvania. Keep with the current format and DJ's. Stay in Benson, the council needs to feel the pressure.
Have a variety of music types like country in the morning, Mexican in afternoon, rock at night, jazz on weekends etc. Since you are the only radio station in Benson you need to serve everybody. Maybe a talk show too

That is some list ... how about the Highway Men Buck Owens, Asleep at the Wheel, Bob Wills, add some old country to the list too. Anyway, I listened to the CAVE when I lived in St. David for a year, and I now listen to the CAVE in CA where I now reside. I like the choice of music, especially for the morning show with Joaquin, so much more to my liking than the "Bobby Bones" show so popular now. (If you are not familar with it .. mornings tune into 105.9 KRAZy Country from Santa Ynez, CA.) Long story, like I said, I enjoy the music selection on the CAVE. Please don't stop. Thank you. 

Seems to me that there is something wrong with that.. I live in St. David.. we shop in Benson..pay taxes that benefit Benson.. but have no say as to Benson city council issues.. when they affect us also? We have no say re: stupid things mayor and council does??.. re: ridiculous housing project???.. Just wrong..  

Loyal CAVE listener since 1991!!.. Love it.. 

none of this nonsense that is going on!.. Iím doing a write in!!..renda..

More power so we can hear you farther away. (if the FCC will allow it). Also would like more news local and county

I enjoy sports especially about the good guys like the Dallas Cowboys and don't like to hear about those stinkin' Detroit teams.... (Smile)

I am old school, I like DJ's in lieu of pre-canned automated music. However, I realize that personnel costs are most of the time an employers single biggest expense. I hope you can keep having live local personalities on the air. But if the choice is to have live local people or go out of business, then by all means go to an automated pre-canned format. I would still listen no matter what you decide. Small town local radio is where it is at, not big stations from big cities.

Keep playing the older (BETTER) stuff. Keep adding new older music to your playlists. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!

Stay in BENSON AZ!!

Move down to Whetstone. It sounds like Benson doesn't appreciate you if they won't let you fix up your station. Get the heck out! It sounds like the City Council is crazy, like Tombstone's and Huachuca City's! I love your announcers. Bill and Joaquin and everyone else. Thanks for being you.

Move over here to Sierra Vista. Remember back in the cold war days when "Radio Free Europe" was always touted to be the saving grace for the eastern european countries. Well, my brother calls Sierra Vista "Radio Free Sierra Vista." Robots playing music, and very little good music at that. ;) Thanks.

I love your station and I have friends in the DFW area and in "By God" West Virginia listening on their computers.

Don't change anything

I like your mix of old and new country music. Some stations are all new and others are all old. You guy do a great job of balancing the two.
I would like to hear more local news, community events etc. All things local are great.
I like your city council reports, a Benson radio station should cover all things Benson.
Have you ever seen the web site "radiolineup.com"? Several people have posted comments about you station there. They all seem to be very positive.
Keep up the good work.

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