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First a message from CAVEMANager Paul Lotsof:    Below you see many suggestions on how CAVE FM might improve its service to its many listeners.   Some of these ideas are well thought out and have merit.   Most of them have one thing in common: They require either a lot of someone’s time or a good chunk of cash in order to implement.  Not too many people are willing to work for free so when you talk about time and effort you are also talking money. There is only one way for a radio station to spend money and that is to first  sell advertising.   Problem is that the owners of nearly all the businesses in our coverage area are unwilling to buy our advertising even when our rates are dirt cheap.    A good salesperson would be the answer to our dreams but they are nearly impossible to find.   It’s hard to improve service with hardly any revenues.

Some of you are complaining that our signal is weak and noisy in some areas.   No radio station covers all of Planet Earth and if you go far enough from our transmitting facility the signal will get weak.    But there is a solution and it is our internet stream which you can listen to all over the nation and in some foreign countries as well.   Should be loud and clear just about anywhere.
Use your computer or smart phone instead of a radio.

I plan to continue to cover and criticize the Benson city officials as long as I continue to be in charge of CAVE-FM.
 I’d like to thank all of you for your thoughts.  Now that I’ve had my say here are your comments with the most recent ones coming first:

Get a decent news source.   USA Radio isn't news; it' far right propaganda.
i'm willing to donate $100 dollars to your station, but, there is a catch, if woa keen says 'stinking" or 'spaghettio' or any variation thereof in the next 30 days, then you guys send me $200,  .
Do what you're doing.
Sorry, but in my opinion, your's is one of the best radio stations in these United States. In fact, even your home-grown commercials are GREAT. .
I really like your radio station. I don't know how you could make it better.
 Also, I have heard you read criticisms about your advertisements. I say keep the unprofessional commercials. I love them and if I wanted to hear professional advertisements I'd listen to another station.
Get rid of your hourly propaganda that poses as news. Those liars discredit your station's integrity.
Put a Signal in Tucson
Never go off the air! I just moved from Marana.
The music is great, just get some better on-air people.
create cave-am with talk radio
So all the years I have been listening to your station....I have NEVER heard you play the country and western song....Benson, Arizona. It is a great western song.
I like the CAVE exactly the way it is!
PLAY some Folk Rock Music like Desert Rose Band,Bluegrass,Byrds,Dan Fogelberg,,Linda Ronsadt,JD Souther,Jackson Brown.
I think it’s pretty darn good now. I really enjoy Joaquin’s morning show. “Rocky” as I like to call him!!
this is a great station.play more Waylon and Willie. have a Paul Harvey or someone like that commentate at noon. Have information about schools, especially high school...like what time they start, even if they're virtual, lunch info, holidays, etc. Have people send in affirmations for the day. Do the "want ads". I love the bumper sticker.
Don't change
Could you acquire some of Michael Nesmith' early solo albums with and without the First (and Second) National Band? Very cool country rock songs.
Your station is great it plays a good blend of old, new and rock, I stream your station after having found it on a visit to Benson.. The DJ's are great and a bit sarcastic
Playing new country
Less sports, better advertisements (cut the corny stuff out!), more 60's music
Play newer songs more often your station is great just play less really old songs keep it country though.
more editorials ,revealing the corruption.
Get your facts straight, Ira Hays died on 1965 in AZ
Stop going into such detail about sports. I’m one of those who think sports is used as a pulpit by the players. To much importance put on the players, they are human!
KAVV was a large part of my decision making when I moved to Benson in June 2019. It was a sign. Camping at the Caverns and house hunting by day I heard CAVE FM for the first time and you played the Kingston Trio, I thought "what other radio station in America would play them?" Right then I knew I could handle a new life in Benson. Don't change a thing, please.
The morning DJ needs to talk better about the high school and their teams. All he does is trash the coaches but I don't see him volunteering down there to help out. He should be speaking words of encouragement to help bring them up.
Remove broadcasts of "USA Radio Network" news and replace with a less biased news source or no news. I change the station when it comes on. I like the silly ads. Keep them! I'm not opposed to newer country music, but playing music in the style of Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan makes me change the station. Contemporary country music from the likes of Sturgill Simpson and Charley Crockett would keep me listening. Play more songs from the 40s-70s, like the Louvin Brothers, Hank Thompson, Loretta Lynn, and Buck Owens.
It's a great station and I love it except I turn the volume down when the news comes on. It's fake news and lacks credibility. Your station would be better off without it.
KEEP THE GREAT VARIETY- Your station is for everyone!
Keep up the great job! Love the old country music!
I think you are doing a fine job...
play fewer old songs and less commercials please.
Please play more older music, Faron Young, Johnny Rodriguez, Charlie Pride, Mel Tillis, Mark Wills, Mark Chestnut,, soooo tired of some of these new (not so country songs) I am soo sick of Dolly Parton and Carrie Underwood, they squeak when they sing. Just my opinion.
Great music, make your commercials a little more professional and finally try to find DJs who act like they are radio professionals.
Let me start by saying that CAVE radio is one of the best things about living in Benson. My radio is on almost constantly. If I had a Tucson station playing, I would hear the same songs played 3-4 times an hour- it gets old! Do I like every song that CAVE plays, heck no I don't (Sam Hunt!!), but the variety of music is great. This station has been on air since the 80's so obviously they are doing something right. The common opinion seems to be that changes have to be made to improve things, sometimes this is correct but sometimes not (try to find something at Walmart now that they "improved" it.) People now-a-days think if they don't like something then it has to be changed so they can push their opinion off on everybody else. I'm so sick of the whiners! If you don't like the news-don't listen to it, if you don't like Dolly Parton or Carrie Underwood then turn down the song, but there is no reason for this radio station to try to cater to every single person's opinion. Every time I hear of the station being for sale, it bums me out because I would really hate to see it go. Radio stations are not in fashion with todays generation, and most stations concentrate on playing the most popular songs and cramming in as many commercials as possible in the 20 minutes that the average person listens to the radio. CAVE radio, please don't mess up what you have, it is not like most other radio stations and that is a good thing!! The people in the Benson area are lucky to have a local station considering the population is not very large. People of Benson, enjoy and appreciate this local station.
Keep playing good music!
Please continue to use USA Radio News service. They present news reports without the hidden agendas and obvious bias that nearly all other national radio news services do.
Keep right on playing
Stay on the air please.
Expand the listening range. When I drive west I lose you at exit 281so I have to turn it off
Relocate me to Benson, Arizona ! ! ! !
Stream working
I don't know any way to make it better. I'm from up state NY and I've listened to all their radio stations and there's not one that compares to Cave radio. I really love the old country music you play. Please keep up the good work and don't change. Thank You...
Mix it up a little. Play some classic rock, pop, etc. Have more competitions with prizes.
play more happy songs and less heartbreak songs. It makes me feel sad
I agree they should make station in Tucson play more oldies the more of a variety of playing the same songs over and over and over there's thousands of songs have not been played in here other than that I really love your station and I always listen to it when I get in service
Tell Juaquin to STFU and just play the music. No one wants to listen to his off-the-wall BS comments.
Build a repeater to cover Willcox.
Playing more than just "Country" tunes such as "Classic Rock" , "Southern Rock", "Blues", "Blue Grass" , "Oldies" would attract your audience 3x's more. Even if you played a mixture of music all night long and Played only "Classic Country" during the day if that's what you chose, at least playing a mixture of music was definitely build your audience and you would have more income for the radio station when it comes to what type of business is wants to advertise as I knew you were having trouble at one time by any advertisers and complaining that you needed decent sales people. I met a couple of your sales people and they express their concern that it was a style of music and the unprofessionalism of the way your programming was that caused a lot of businesses not to want to advertise. Playing a mixture of older Genres WILL help build your audience, not might not could but WILL.
Most of the commercials are silly and sound stupid.
Run longer news segments Put up a picture of Frank Luna
Stop including new music that is non-country corporate newspeak trash. Let the DJs offer their personal opinions about the songs and news. Start a Saturday night show that features local or Arizona county musicians. (This could be done without royalty compensation if they submit original music.) Modify your cave sticker contest by saying if the prize is not claimed in 7 consecutive days, that money is added to the next week's prize, letting it grow. A large pot like that could generate interest and perhaps increase your audience.
I like your radio station. Sometimes listening on a regular radio (car or in house) there is a lot of noises in the background. Sometimes these noises sound rather disgusting. This never happens when I listen on my computer. I don't know if the noise is from other stations interfering or maybe I just have cheap radios. The noise will not make me stop listening. If I can make a comment about the Vigneto Project. Jobs and businesses will bring a need for new housing. Housing will not bring new business and jobs to the area. The only jobs they will bring is temporary jobs in construction. Maybe our elected officials should reconsider their stance on the Vigneto Project.
Talk about local news more!!!
Play more classic rock daily, ...late night do talk or old timey radio show like dragnet or twilight zone type acted out shows.. preferred late night talk like knst has coast to coast am , I'd like to hear it on fm through the cave fm cause knst doesn't have best reception in my home
I think you play good music, but I get annoyed when you play the same song by different artists back to back. One question, why is Scott's picture on your web-site cock-eyed? Is Scott a cock-eyed person or does he just work for a cock-eyed radio station?
We love it the way it is.
Cut out Harrows sports talks. He is a critic but not an authority on anything, least of all the sports arena. Biased and unfounded mumblings and predictions from a self proclaimed authority really miss the point on the college and the professional sports stage.You have good music, bad commercials and slightly below average DJ's. I said on the survey I go to Tucson 5 times a week, the only reason I do that is because I work there. If it wasn't for work I would only go to Tucson 1 or 2 times a year. There are way too many A**holes in Tucs
Give Joaquin a raise. Give all your DJs a raise, but Joaquin does his best to serve his listeners by honoring their requests whenever he can. That earned you a lifetime listener of me even if I would ever move away thanks to your live streaming. I would only suggest a better news feed.
Quit your rants
I personally like the older country music. I also really enjoy the ads - they make me smile.
Democrats are not the enemy. Tell the truth. Trump lost and the election was not stolen. The GOP is not the party it once was. Tell your listeners the truth.
You don't need to do much since it's a pretty good radio station now. I really enjoy the mix of music played. I am a little tired of the sarcastic ads about your bumper sticker. I might put one on my car, but I don't even know the rules to win. I know I have to be listening when my license number might be called, but is that on a regular schedule, or whenever the DJ decides to run the promotion. There must be other ways to determine your listener numbers. I don't think anyone listens to a radio all of the time, especially when its siesta time.
I like your station the way it is. The only thing that needs changing is have your DJ's be a little more professional. I look at your web site from time to time and this is the first time I ever took your survey. I really like the comments submitted by other people. That part has not been updated in quite a while. Are you doing away with that part? I moved away from Cochise County about 20 years ago, but I still like hearing about the area. I know you are against the Vignetto project and I have to agree with you. I think that area needs to remain undeveloped. I have not heard anything about it in a while. What is the status? About half of your editorials I agree with and the other half are pure "crap". But I guess if we all had the same opinions life would be pretty boring. Thank you for providing us with a great radio station to listen to.
Why doesn't this radio station support the SD and Benson high school sports by broadcasting? If it wasn't for the mess ups on the radio I would never listen...your dj's suck with their far left opinions
Quit airing negative comments from all the morons trashing Joaquin. They wouldn’t know a fact if it bit them in their ankle!
Everything is great except your news feed. USA radio is bad, the sound is bad and can't you cover up commercials for Wayne Root with something local? He's a con artist and a swindler.
Find a less obnoxious morning DJ!
The congress and senate are incensed about the "capitol riot" infringing on their sacred ground, but don't seem to give a rip about people who violate our federal laws and border security, and the damage done to personal property or the fact that these who violate our borders violate our federal laws, but they are PROTECTED, because they can't or won't take control of their own homeland......well Americans did more than 2 hundred years ago.... they earned it....send all these trespassers to Delaware and D.C. and drop them off at Bidens house .
Play more recent country music
You have a good radio station that is why I listen to you and nobody else. Would you please inform all the people in the area that the people who live underground east of Benson will soon come to the surface and reveal themselves to the above ground people. We don't have anything to fear from them, so tell the above ground people not to harm them.
I enjoy the Cave. It has a good mix of music. Once in a while I hear a tune from my younger days (The Blizzard and Skip a Rope comes to mind). If possible, I would like to hear some Sons of the Pioneers, Chet Atkins, and Baja Marimba Band on occasion. It is also refreshing to hear some conservative news. \
get rid of USA radio news it is propaganda that could incite the end of our civil society which I happen to enjoy. I do like your local editorials though
Keep it like it is. The DJ's give the station a unique, "homey" sound and the music is great. Don't change a thing.
Stay with the oldies and 80s 90s 2000s.
You've got to get rid of your news network. USA radio is not news, it's right wing, extremist, conspiracy theory, Trumpie propaganda. You play great music and I love the sound of your station, but that news has got to go.
In response to Vigneto you should play, Cement, Clay And Glass New Riders Of The Purple Sage 
Play music by Dave Alvin and the Guilty Ones
Make fun of other stations; it would be very funny
I love the variety the different DJs provide.
Play even more classic country songs, possibly expand the listening distance (more watts) and keep up the amazing work
I heard an editorial you aired AGAINST the Villages at Vigneto and I almost fell over because I wrongly assumed you'd be for it, that you were a conservative right-wing station. I was elated to hear everything you said. Your advocacy for the San Pedro River is MUCH appreciated! THANK YOU!
I don't think you can make it any better than it is.
take some requests
As others have mentioned, your commercials aren't very professional. I try to avoid your advertisers as a result.
I love the way the Cave is!
Play more new Country


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