Domino's Pizzas:   The buy for Domino's Pizza was made by an advertising agency in Florida.   Undoubtedly, they were impressed with our high ratings in the Cochise County survey.    The agency may also like our coverage of I-10 which could benefit Domino's locations in both Sierra Vista and Tucson.



Lawley's NAPA Auto Parts:   Last year the Lawley Family decided to get into the auto parts business and they bought out the NAPA franchise for Benson.    At about the same time they decided to close down the Ford dealership that has been on East Fourth Street for decades.   So the Ford Dealership became an auto parts store.   A little known fact is that the building is owned by a company in New Mexico which has owned it for quite a few years.    Be that as it may,  the Lawleys use CAVE-FM to advertise their monthly specials.



Riverside Saloon:   The Riverside has been a Benson landmark for close to seventy years.   It is close to the oldest surviving business in Benson.   As far as we know it has always been owned by the Daggett Family.    Lately, the Riverside has been featuring live musical entertainment on Friday evenings and they use CAVE-FM to let the public know who is performing.   The bar is located on the east end of Benson, just east of what we call the "1941 Underpass". 



There's a strange story how we got AZ Legal Documents by Jo Jo.   Seems that JoJo Aguilar was working for Arizona Family Law as a paralegal.   She kept taking multitudes of phone calls from CAVE listeners who wanted more information on the services that Arizona Family Law offered.   When JoJo started her own paralegal service she decided that she wanted the same results that her previous employer enjoyed.   So JoJo became a CAVE advertiser too.   She keeps renewing her contract so she's obviously satisfied with what the CAVEMEN deliver.  JoJo's office is at 4036 La Linda Way in Sierra Vista. 


In late 2013, some residents of Hereford, Arizona came up with the idea of having a shopping mall devoted entirely to antiques. There are about four dozen vendors in the Hidden Treasure Mall which is located along Highway 92, about seven miles south of Sierra Vista. Because the Mall is a bit hidden, it has taken some effective advertising to let antique collectors know that it exists. And that's where CAVE-FM fills the bill.   Our impressive coverage brings in people from all over Southeast Arizona and at a bargain price.   If you'd like to check the mall out, its exact location is 6164 S. Highway 92. Tell 'em the CAVEMEN sent you. 


Fifteen years ago we moved our tower and began to cover Sierra Vista with a strong signal.   We  approached Sierra Vista's new car dealerships but they all turned us down.   Some of them refused to believe that we really have listeners in Sierra Vista and they weren't interested in reaching Benson. In January of 2012 Donovan Dodge decided to give us a try and they are selling more cars  and trucks as a result. Today Donovan Dodge is one of our best accounts. They now have proof positive that we reach the Sierra Vista market and a whole lot more. As for the other car dealers,  they still haven't caught on. That's fine with Donovan Dodge.They're located along Highway 92 on the south side of Sierra Vista


Campstone Transfer is a family owned moving and storage business headquartered in Huachuca City.    They first discovered CAVE-FM four years ago and found out that our advertising worked and was cost effective.   For awhile they canceled us and tried stations based in Sierra Vista.   It didn't take long for Campstone to  figure out that CAVE was the better deal. They've had a jingle made to promote their phone number and people seem to be calling it. Advertising on CAVE-FM is always a good move if you want more customers and you have a limited budget.


Unlike most RV parks, this one sells spaces rather than renting them.   In the Winter and Spring, Benson swells with RV enthusiasts and some of them have interest in investments.   Radio is an especially good choice because many tourists donít read the local newspaper but all RVs have radios.   Arizona Legends Manager, Jock Bliss, is a retired radio personality so it wasnít hard to convince him to give radio a try.


Discount Furniture Warehouse was created by Tom Douglas who discovered CAVE-FM in 2002. He started his present store in mid 2003 and has been a CAVE-FM sponsor ever since. Tom says that we bring people in from Sierra Vista and from all over Southeast Arizona. We would love to find more sponsors in Sierra Vista who would like to have the same success from advertising on CAVE-FM that Tom has enjoyed.


Benson Glass discovered CAVE-FM in late 2006 and has been with us ever since.   This business mostly deals in replacement of auto windshields. Usually people donít need this kind of service unless something breaks.   Apparently enough glass breaks to keep Benson Glass on the CAVEíS Waves 365 days a year.
Benson Glass has expanded and they now do body work.   In addition, Phil  decided to get into the used car business and he acquired the old Beaudry building on Highway 80.   Phil says that nothing compares with CAVE-FM in reaching large numbers of people at a bargain price.   And he can change his ad as he sells cars and gets new ones in.  Phil particularly likes the fact that we can  rotate ads for his auto sales and auto repairs.


Like several of our advertisers, Spur Western Wear has their main location in Sierra Vista and a satellite location in Benson.   This store sells western clothing and we help Ďem sell the Wrangler pants and shirts and the cowboy hats.   Country music and western wear seem to go together.



About a decade ago, nationally known cowboy personality Baxter Black decided to move from Colorado to Benson.   Shortly after Baxter moved here, our station began to carry his weekly radio program called "Baxter Black on Monday".    Benson Feed owner Ed Fenn agreed to sponsor the show which strangely enough is aired on Mondays.    It's been a long time coming but Benson Feed and Supply has been rebuilt and is in the same location that the building which burned down occupied.   Ed is very proud of his new store and he wants us to invite everyone to come and check it out.   You'll find it just east of the 1941 underpass


Mary Annís Mostly Books is the brainchild of Mary Ann Steele. In 1994 she discovered that CAVE-FM has an amazing ability to bring people into her store. We've produced very imaginative ads that bring in multitudes of curious customers. That's why Mary Ann's on CAVE-FM twelve months a year.


If you own a small retail business, you probably feel that this truck is filled with bad news.   Since Wal-Mart doesnít spend a nickel with us, we can understand that point of view.   Strange as it may seem, the Cavemen have indirectly made a few bucks off Wal-Mart.  How?   

Wal-Mart is the ultimate ďone size fits allĒ company.  Nearly all decisions, including advertising, are made in Arkansas.   The big shots in Bentonville donít know much about Southeast Arizona and they couldnít care less.   By sharp contrast, we can custom create an advertising campaign for your local business.   Weíll help you steal Wal-Martís customers and they wonít even know it.    


AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. Just a few of our loyal advertisers. Now a couple words of caution:
CAUTION NUMBER 1) Steer clear of advertising agencies. They donít understand the Southeast Arizona marketplace. And most are unwilling to take the time to learn about it. Deal directly with us.
Youíll get much better service and save money too.
CAUTION NUMBER 2) Let us write and produce your ad. We know how to motivate our listeners. Thatís the advantage of 30 years of practical experience. There is no extra charge for production.
Want more information? Send us an email or call us at 520-290-9797.