I’m CAVE MANager Paul Lotsof.    I think it was about 1977 when I got seriously interested in starting a radio station in Benson.   One afternoon I decided to take a good look around Benson to learn more about the town.    I brought along a friend, his wife and their son, Steven, who was about five years old at the time.   We took the 303 Exit and coasted down the hill toward downtown.    After we got about half a mile, little Steven blurts out, “What a sleepy little town!”  His parents and I started to laugh.   The kid was amazingly perceptive.

After the radio station went on the air I took it upon myself to try to wake up the sleepy little town.   But years of cajoling accomplished nothing and the little town continued to sleep.   

Last Tuesday the sleepy little town finally woke up.    We elected a new city council and as of late June the overwhelming majority of Benson’s city fathers will no longer be people whose families have lived here since the flood waters subsided.   When the new council is seated, we will have leaders who believe that prosperity doesn’t come by itself.  Rather we must work to bring about a community that’s alive and thriving.

In three more months we will have leaders who understand what it is like to operate a small business, leaders who appreciate the rights of property owners and leaders who will listen to their constituents instead of ignoring them.   Big changes are on the way.

Whenever major changes occur it is because some dedicated and energetic people worked to bring about those changes.   Some of these people deserve recognition and that is what I’d like to do right now.    Probably the person who worked the hardest to bring about Tuesday’s election results was Ron Brooks.   Ron had to fight the system two years ago in order to appear on the election ballot and he won big in May of 2011.   While working with the present council for nearly two years Ron realized that changes were necessary and he worked hard to bring them about.  Perhaps Ron’s biggest accomplishment was playing the part  of a talent scout.  Ron found Brian Crafts and got him interested in running for a council seat.

Others who worked hard to bring about change were Steve Sacco, Jim Gray and J. T. Moffett.  Dianne Tipton put some time and effort into getting some new faces elected.   And finally, I think I might as well throw in a word or two about Paul Lotsof.   Being a media person I recognized that for the democratic process to work properly a well informed public is essential.   Before changes could happen it was necessary bypass the newspaper which has been receiving big bucks from the city.   I published a booklet of facts that the newspaper would never print and I arranged for the booklet to be distributed all over town.  The last group of people I’d like to recognize are the voters of Benson who realized that things weren’t all that rosy.  You are the ones who voted in the new leadership.

I think that the sleepy little town is finally about to blossom.

I’m CAVE MANager Paul Lotsof and the opinions you’ve just heard are mine and not necessarily anyone else’s.   If you’d like a copy of this editorial or you’d like to express your opinions, go to the CAVE web site.  We’re at CAVEFM.com.    That’s CAVEFM.com